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  • Fascial Toning

    Learn how to pinpoint and address the constantly shifting needs of your fascial web with precision and speed. The Spontaneous Sequencing technique helps you get results effortlessly.

  • Practice Anywhere, Anytime!

    Frequent repetition rewires the fascia and your nervous system gently, like they want to be rewired. Bursts of exhausting workouts tire us, create more scar tissue and inflammation.

  • Nurture your Creativity

    Studies show a strong connection between enjoyment, creativity and stress recovery. Measure how a continued ROMChi Stretch Dance practice impacts your mood and resilience; Notice changes in your creative problem solving skills.

Stretch on the Go with ROMChi Stretch Dance

Learn the art and the neurobiology of rejuvenation and health...

Neurobiology of stress and ageing tells us what makes the most difference in our overall quality of life, health and productivity are the simple things: Stretching, tears, belly laughs, hugs... Stretching alone has incredible neurological, autoimmune, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, pain relief and stress reduction benefits.

The ROMChi Stretch Dance Protocol brings you the state of the art findings in the neurobiology of stress and ageing in the form of a fun dance practice you can do any time, anywhere.

ROMChi Stretch Dance helps you move, nourish, reorganize and detoxify even the deepest layers of your connective tissue. So you work out your nervous system, muscles and joints, and help re-organize your fascia at the same time. 

As you practice, you'll discover parts of your body you never knew existed. That's a great thing!

When doing the Stretch Dance, it's hard not to be filled with love for yourself, for life and for all life forms that surround you. Often, right after a practice, practitioners notice the sunlight, bird songs and nuances in their experience they never noticed before... I believe and science supports that this is due to our neurobiology and how the dance interacts with it. 

As humans, we are wired to love. The Stretch Dance brings this capacity out into the forefront.

ROMChi Stretch Dance brings you the wisdom of our ancestors through various practices of dance, meditation and singing... Using these practices, we bring out our full human potential to heal ourselves and others.

We tune our body and hone our intuition to guide our practice.

Don't go with my word... Note your mood and loving feelings before and after practice and see for yourself the difference it makes!

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ROMChi Stretch Dance is a first in a series of stress relief products I've designed over the years. The course fee you offer is used to develop future courses I've designed to help in the recovery from stress and PTSD. So, THANK YOU! I realize sometimes financial resources are hard to find. So, if you'd agree to share your experience with others (positive or negative feedback are both appreciated), you can take advantage of the audit pricing for $297

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